Palazzo Morillo

Naro, city full of baroque, art, history, natural beauty and culture. Surrounded by the spectacular southern coasts of Sicily and the “Valle dei Templi”.

Where is Naro located?

Palazzo Morillo is located 1 minute away from the main square of the municipality of Naro, in the province of Agrigento, the capital of Italian culture in 2025. It is a few kilometers away from the Valle dei Templi, a UNESCO world heritage site, and the sea.

The building, an exemplary expression of 18th century Baroque architecture, consists of the noble floor and the lower floor. The noble floor of Palazzo Morillo, for sale, is of greater architectural and stylistic value and has a large and prestigious independent entrance with an elegant staircase. It has high ceilings with various frescoes that give the spaces harmony and prestige. It has triple exposure, making it very bright and airy. It is also characterized by important Baroque decorations that make it unique and elegant. The property consists of: eight large rooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, and a splendid terrace from which you can admire the historic center and the sea. The historic residence, with a commercial area of ​​about 400 square meters, is free, divisible and needs renovation. The roof of the entire building has recently been entirely rebuilt. It retains the construction features of the time, with precious wooden floors and internal fixtures. The structure, the architectural and stylistic features, as well as the location and dimensions, make this historic property suitable for investment purposes, such as tourist-accommodation activities, events, or an elegant and prestigious private residence.

The exterior

The noble floor of Palazzo Morillo is enriched with seven balconies, all made of stone, adorned with delicate side medallions and supported by tastefully decored stone medallions. The structure is completed by an inscripPon in stone, located below the largest balcony, which reads “May the Divine Providence Live Forever 1970”.

The structure 

The property is accessed through a separate entrance and an elegant staircase, stylisPcally enriched wuth arches and vaults supported by columns, leading to the historic residence on the noble floor which consists of eight large rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and addicPonal faciliPes. From the interior, there is acces to an upper floor, which includes a panoramic terrace with an adjoining service area.

The location

The 18th-century Baroque building, known as Palazzo Morillo, is situated between Corso Vi]orio Emanuele (the main artery that leads to ther main Piazza Garibaldi (“Garibaldi Square”), where the town hall is located) and Via Specchi (where the façade and the inscripPon carved on the portal lintel are situated) with exclusive separate access from Via Riolo (on the noble floor), as well as the second and third floors. The nbloe floor has external exposure and is the most architecturally valuable part.

A large adjoining open area used as a garden with a service shed is available separately.

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The historic residence is also present on the platform of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage (MIC)